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...Transportation Index will rise above the 11,800 level on an upside breakout move. (full story)

Lean hogs are up as much as $1.40 at midday after triple digit gains on Wednesday. The 01/20 CME Lean Hog Index was at $61.02 after an 84 cent increase. USDA’s Pork Carcass Cutout gained another $0.72 this morning, up to $79.46 cwt. Primal cuts mov... (full story)

The wheat market is continuing yesterday’s correction. Chicago futures are the firmest with a 1/2 cent drop so far in the front month. KC wheat futures are down by 1 3/4 cents at midday, and spring wheat futures are 1 1/4 cents higher. CBT spot fut... (full story)

Cotton is hosting the third consecutive triple digit move day, as futures are back down 100 points in the March futures. The two previous sessions have featured triple digit days in opposite directions as well. On 01/21 The Seam online cotton trading... (full story)

Trading action in the corn market has prices 3/4 to 3 cents higher, with stronger gains in the March futures. The USDA announced this morning a private export sale of 143,948 MT of corn to Guatemala, with the majority (114,224 MT) for 19/20 MY delive... (full story)

Soybean futures selling has carried over from yesterday into the Thursday session. Front month bean futures are down 4 1/2 to 5 cents at midday. Soy meal futures are back up by $0.20/ton in the March futures. March bean oil futures are 43 cents lower... (full story)

Live cattle futures are lower so far, with April futures down by triple digits. Front month feeder cattle futures are continuing some of yesterday’s losses with futures falling another 35 to 65 cents. The 01/21 CME Feeder Cattle index was down 29 c... (full story)

Trading action in the corn market has prices 3/4 to 3 cents higher, with stronger gains in the March futures. The USDA announced this morning a private export sale of 143,948 MT of corn to Guatemala, with the majority (114,224 MT) for 19/20 MY delive... (full story)

Another round of light direct cash cattle trade is underway.  A few deals in Nebraska have been reported at $124 live and $199 dressed – all are marked for delayed delivery.  That’s fully steady with both last week and yesterday’s business.  Asking... (full story)

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For this rally to sustain (through 2020) we need some additional earnings power (to support the multiple expansion). There are 3 factors that could help us get there... (full story)

United States running bales ginned by January 15, 2019 is 18,288,550... (full story)

Farmers in a handful of Midwestern states are once again being asked about production numbers this month as USDA works through its second recount of the 2019 season. Great Lakes Regional Director for NASS Marlo Johnson tells Brownfield production... (full story)

USDA officials have started to construct a comprehensive Food and Mouth Vaccine Bank this year with new funding from the 2018 Farm Bill. Dr. Sarah Tomlinson with the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service says there are seven main types of... (full story)

Watch carefully.... (full story)

Two cities are besieged. One by officials, activists and business leaders, while the second by bloodthirsty politicians. Will anyone escape? No one knows, but the gold coin has always helped bribe the guards to look the other way... (full story)

Steve Meyer China has been increasing its purchases of U.S. pork, but sales continue to be hampered by tariffs.   Pork industry analyst Steve Meyer says it’s still unclear if pork producers will see much benefit from the phase one trade... (full story)

Mar 20 soybean prices continue to descend further since the new year highs. There was so much hope for Chinese purchases when looking forwards to a signed trade deal agreement, and a lot of premium pumped into prices along with it. (full story)

Bank of Canada lowers GDP forecasts, says door is obviously open to an interest rate cut. USDCAD spikes. ECB to adhere to current strategy until new strategy has been defined. Expected late 2020. Three Chinese cities now on lock-down as coronavirus spreads to almost 600 cases... (full story)

Excellent chart structure (full story)

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Bulls have power and there are no "strong" early clues that a market top is close at hand. Volatility is low, which favors the bulls. Increase in daily volatility would be a warning sign for the bulls. (full story)

Actionable ideas for ES, NQ, Crude, Gold and more. (full story)

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Stock index futures are lower due to rising worries over the coronavirus outbreak in China that prompted a lockdown of two cities in the country. (full story)

Flight to quality (full story)

Time to move on (full story)

With gold unable to find direction, I suspect that a rising dollar and lack of geopolitical headlines are containing the price (full story)

I have made mention in previous letters of the potential problems that may await us concerning the quality of corn produced in the upper Midwest this year.  Be it in the form of lower yields due to test weight, more breakage, and FM that always... (full story)

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Provisions in a Kansas law that ban the secret filming at slaughterhouses and other livestock facilities unconstitutionally criminalize free speech, a federal judge ruled Wednesday. U.S. District Judge Kathryn Vratil mostly... (full story)

We kickoff the day with Jobless Claims at 7:30 A.M., CB Leading Index MoM at 9:00 A.M., EIA Gas Storage at 9:30 A.M., EIA Energy [...] (full story)

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Mar 20 coffee futures jump up this morning and have seen nearly 2% gains at the time of writing. There looks to be firm support at about the 11000 price level and the market is likely to reject prices below it without any fresh bearish developments. (full story)

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Financials: Mar. Bonds are currently 0’17 higher at 159’11, 10 Yr. Notes 0’05 higher at 129’22.5 and 5 Yr. Notes 0’02.25 higher at 119’06.00. These [...] (full story)

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Beef is expected to grind higher over the next several weeks if not longer. (full story)

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African swine fever (ASF) continues to be a major concern for pork producers.  Trent Thiele, a young pork producer from Elma, Iowa says the possibility of an ASF outbreak is one of his biggest concerns. “I’m afraid that if it were to hit... (full story)

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Improve your grain marketing! Visit  https://www.standardgrain.com/grain-marketing-plan/ (full story)

We will be on RFD-TV, today at 12:45pm CT! Corn (March) Fundamentals : March corn futures were little changed yesterday, with little new news hitting the wires. Due to the Holiday on Monday, export sales are pushed back to... (full story)

Will corn be able to breakout above 392? Is this a buying opportunity in beans? Is the top in on wheat? (full story)

Watch us on RFD-TV, today at 12:45pm CT!   Live Cattle (February) February live cattle traded in another tight range, treading water on the 50-day moving average at 125.85, close to the middle of the recent range. The... (full story)

Are cattle futures getting ready to break lower? (full story)

An ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure but is devastating for oil demand. The crude oil market got hit with a [...] (full story)

EURUSD Found Intraday Sellers Against The 1.1172 High (full story)